MADE IN BRITAIN - For over 20 years we at Harrison BILLET manufacture Brake Calipers for over 140 models of European and Japanese bikes, and we make Brake Calipers, Discs and Brackets for almost every model of Harley-Davidson since 1971.

Harrison Billet, Slim 6 PotOur impressive range of front and rear Calipers and Discs make our product selection probably the largest in the World.

Our Brake Calipers are designed to fit and work perfectly with standard bike factory discs or with our own Harrison BILLET Custom Styled Discs, and are supplied with pads manufactured by one of the worlds most reputable brake pad manufacturers to our preferred specific compound. We believe we make the lightest, strongest, best performing Brake Calipers on the market, and take great pride in our current range of 2-piston, 4-piston, MINI-6, BIG-6, SLIMS and 800 SERIES Calipers, Discs and Brackets.

What makes us at Harrison BILLET Brake Calipers and Discs the most stylish and sought after custom Brake fitments in the world?

The same things that make our products amongst the most powerful and dependable it all begins with our philosophy Engineering Excellence.

We believe that you should be able to trust a Caliper which has been designed, produced and assembled with your safety in mind. When you purchase our Calipers and Discs, we meet your expectations.

Our front Calipers are direct fitments to the fork sliders, requiring no brackets. Our calipers are straight direct replacements, and designed to work with your standard factory discs on your bike, and are supplied complete.

On rare occasions it may be necessary to use longer brake hoses.

Our ALL Fully Floating Brake Discs - Our brake discs are available in 10", 11.5" and 13" diameters, with flat or dished centres. We also offer Discs for custom builds.

The pad track on our discs is 34mm deep, and designed to ONLY be used with HARRISON BILLET calipers. Some other aftermarket calipers with 34mm deep pads can be used, but extreme care must be taken to ensure that the pad surface is no deeper that 34mm, and that the calipers do not strike the buttons on the floating rotors.

Finishes we at Harrison BILLET offer a range of finishes from Show Polished, Black Anodised, Clear Anodised, or on special order Chrome and 15 Anodised colours.

In addition to the different styles of calipers, we also have different facias available.

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